I am world traveler, and love to see and experience new things. I have been in the hair industry for a little over five years, and am passionate about getting to know my clients, listening, and perfecting my craft. I am always eager to learn, and my client’s satisfaction is my top priority. I enjoy creating custom vibrant colors for my clients, and love all textures of hair. I truly enjoy being a Curlpop with Benefits stylist, and seeing amazing curly transformations.. I enjoy every client that sits in my chair, and my goal is to build long lasting relationships.

What’s your favorite product?

Olaplex No. 4 Shampoo, and No. 5 Conditioner.


It hydrates the hair, and helps strengthen the sulfate bonds.

What quote do you live by?

“Your life is not falling apart, it’s falling in place.”

What’s your favorite hair tip?

  1. Coconut oil is not always good for your hair. Coconut oil can coat the hair leaving it dry, and brittle.

  2. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube!

What are your goals for 2019?

Add more value to myself in order to add value to others.

What’s your spirit animal?


What do you think will be the hottest hair trend in 2019?

The perfection of imperfection.