Bebe Michelle


Bebe Michelle, Britany B., is no stranger to beauty branding. Having started her first brand, The Black Hair Guru, back in late 2011, Britany B. was able to take what she learned and build something extraordinary!

Bebe Michelle merges both what is glamorous and natural together as one. Bebe Michelle represents two separate identities, two that almost every woman can relate to. Bebe, exuding a “fun, wild and free” persona, and Michelle exuding a classy, sophisticated, chic; together make Bebe Michelle.

Bebe Michelle is for the sexy, fierce, glamorous woman within. Learn the importance of a healthy care regimen, gain tips on how to retain/maintain length, and reach your ultimate, healthy hair goals, all while serving fierce and sexy!

“Everyone has a genius idea. It just takes a genius to put it into action.” –Bebe